A digital-first identity for smiles + laughs co.

smiles + laughs co.

Visual Design

Launch the site

Smiles + Laughs Co. was a creative agency based in San Francisco and NOLA. In 2014, they asked me to help rebrand from software consultancy to boutique agency. The transition was easy thanks in part to Smiles + Laughs incredible commitment to helping their clients.

The Brand

During my time with Smiles + Laughs, I created a new visual identity that focused around their commitment to clients. The ‘plus’ from the Smiles + Laughs logo was adapted for each project in their portfolio.

“He constantly delighted the rest of our team by taking initiative to improve under-loved aspects of our and our clients' brands. His work improved with every iteration.”
-Zane Shannon, Founder, Smiles + Laughs Co.


In later iterations of the brand identity, I took a less literal approach to overall look and feel of the site. However, these concepts were never implemented because Smiles + Laughs closed up shop in early 2017.