A new personal site to house my recent work


Product & Visual Design, Development

When it comes to building my home online, I always have trouble capturing everything I want and need. So before I began my most recent redesign, I stopped to think about what features I wanted to see in the site. The new site needed to be device agnostic and I wanted to incorporate animation.


My obsession with creating a device agnostic site began in my last portfolio redesign (see below). The site scaled for screens larger than 2500px, but admittedly, it wasn’t a very interesting design.


Scaling was easy, but adding motion proved to be much more difficult than I anticipated. After mulling over a few options, I landed on SmoothState to progressively load pages and page transitions.


I chose to use Helvetica Thin for larger titles and body copy because it gave the site a clean and modern look. GT Pressura Mono is used for supplemental information because it lends an air of technical sophistication.