A digital guest guide for The Mooring in Cape May

The Mooring

Product & Visual Design

The Mooring is bed & breakfast located in Cape May, NJ. My task was to convert an existing guest guide into a digital product. Since guests were out and about all day, The Mooring wanted to give them something they could access at any time, so I built them a mobile first website for dispatching info.

UX Considerations

Since their older guests are more tech averse, I organized the content in a list to make it easier to sift through. An option to contact the front desk is still available for guests who simply don’t want to use the guide.


The site’s intro, which is displayed to first time visitors, is meant to act as a sort of digital handshake. It’s a warm welcome from the staff at The Mooring. It also lets users know that an actual person is just a phone call away should they run into any issues with the guide.