A portfolio for sports journalist Eric Giacometti

Eric Giacometti

Product & Visual Design

Launch the site

Eric Giacometti is a sport journalist & social media specialist working for Toronto Football Club [Toronto FC]. Over the last few years, Eric has emerged as a leader covering all things MLS. Despite a fairly significant social media presence, Eric’s writing lacked a central hub. As a result of an unplanned job search, I designed and developed a website to house Eric’s work in just under a week.

UX Challenges

Our main challenge was creating a site that could aggregate Eric’s writing without actually hosting any of it. Since Eric doesn’t own any of the content he created, I couldn’t incorporate it into the build. As a result, the site performs poorly in search and has an above average bounce rate. Given the constraints, the site does do a good job aggregating Eric’s writing from various outlets.

The Brand

When we first sat down to discuss the parameters of the project, we realized that Eric would need a digital identity to ground the site’s visual design. Being a sports journalist, we decided that bold type and clean lines would provide the foundation for Eric’s new identity. Anton by Vernon Adams is used on headlines, while EB Garamond compliments as a body font. I plan on incorporating a series of illustrations in next few iterations of the build.