Tyler Hancock Product Designer

I’m Tyler, a digital product designer at Havas Health in New York. I create value for companies and people by focusing on user needs and client goals.

Selected Projects —

Case Study Soon Using sound to help healthcare professionals identify patients suffering from asthma
Case Study Soon An app to help cancer patients manage their treatment plans and more

A few things I have experience with.

Prototyping Utilizing rapid prototyping to create more focused and effective digital products. No big reveals. Ever.
Healthcare Products Understanding the natural complexities that come with creating products in the health and wellness space.
Conversational Interfaces Creating simple natural language interfaces that understand user intents and respond effectively.
Data Visualization Using data to create products that help patients and healthcare professionals treat complex diseases.
User Experience Defining client goals and user needs is the most critical part of creating valuable digital products.
Front-end Development Leveraging my experience as a front-end developer to solve complex problems and create value for people.

More info —

I enjoy tackling every part of the process, from wireframes and prototypes to visual design and development. I'm currently exploring the role of AI, machine learning, and scalable data visualizations in healthcare. If that sounds like your kind of thing, I'd love to hear from you: hello@tylerplz.com or +1 516 524 0734